Timeless values for timeless happiness

 Welcome to timeless values:

The clothing colour is not a little bit violet, but clear blue.
When the sound is silent, I would advise a sound system,
maybe good for some favorite relaxing or inspiring songs.

 Relative and absolute:

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 Sitting positions:

 Ambition and attention:

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 Rainbowlight meditation:

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    Cordial thanks for all support, that maybe comes,
    because I have at least 5 more videos in the mind
    that want to be realised, and I also want to make
    many translations in a lot of other languages also.

    Until here is the actual done part of this website.
    And I really want to thank you for your attention.

 Additional a (silent) video for details: Luckbringing seeds:

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               I can recommend diamondway.org

                May all have temporary happiness
                 peace, healthiness and freedom,
                   but more timeless happiness,
                     because it's so meaningful.

                               THANK YOU

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